Before you begin to edit this wiki, or if you're ever confused regarding edits and rules, please consult this Manual of Style. If you feel this page is lacking certain information, or you need specific help, leave a message for the resident administrator asking for assistance.

Creating a new page Edit

To add a page, click on the "Contribute" button around the top right of the screen, and then "Add a Page". If you are new to editing, checking "Standard layout" over "Blank page" is recommended.

When creating the page, follow the instructions listed and then delete them. The instructions themselves are formatted similar to <!-- this -->, to prevent them from showing up on the actual page when it is done (if you fail to delete them).

Images Edit

When uploading images via Special:Upload (which can also be done in the same way as adding a new page, but clicking on "Add a Photo" instead), be sure to follow the following 3 rules:

  1. Name the image appropriately; having a filename as a random sequence of numbers is not acceptable.
  2. Add a summary of the image. Please do not link to any articles in the summary.
  3. Apply the Licensing option "This will be used in a way that qualifies as fair use under US law".

Following these rules is extremely important, and your image may face deletion if you do not follow them.

Quoting Edit

When quoting one character, use the Quote template. When quoting multiple characters in a conversation, use the Dialogue template.

Finally, if you're quoting a large 'chunk' of text, use the Transcript template.

Usage instructions can be found on each template page, though they all work in a similar way.

Referencing Edit

Referencing is extremely important on this wiki, and is vital so that users can clarify what is being said (as anyone can add false information). If something can be referenced, do so by adding the extra information between ref tags, <ref>like this</ref>.

Then, at the bottom of the page, add:

== References ==
<references />

Example Edit

Writing this:

[[Erica Wexler]] voices Princess Bustilda.<ref>'''Image''': [[:File:The Starbarians' Die credits Bustilda Erica Wexler.png|The Starbarians' Die credits Bustilda Erica Wexler.png]]</ref>

=== '''References''' ===
<references />

would produce this:

Erica Wexler voices Princess Bustilda.[1]


  1. Image: The Starbarians' Die credits Bustilda Erica Wexler.png

Vandalism Edit

There is a zero tolerance policy on vandalism on this wiki; vandals will be blocked and their edits undone.

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