The Starbarians' Die
The Starbarians' Die title card
"The Starbarians' Die" title card.
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Release date 15 April 2012
Length Newgrounds logo 3 minutes 34 seconds
YouTube logo 3 minutes 35 seconds
Note(s) • First episode (not including teaser)
• First appearances of Siad, Princess Bustilda, and the king
Credits Harry Partridge (writer, animator, voice actor, additional music)
Joyce Oder (colourist)
Brian Sadler (musician)
Erica Wexler (voice actress for Bustilda)
• (special thanks)
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"The Starbarians' Die" is the first episode of Starbarians. It was uploaded to both Newgrounds and YouTube on 15 April 2012.[1][2]

Plot Edit

The two Starbarians, Killgar and Hogstrong, travel to the planet Galeron V to rescue Princess Bustilda, who has been kidnapped by the villain Siad, an "evil snake wizard" who has the ability to manipulate the outcome of dice rolls, and seemingly fate itself.

After arriving, the two confront Siad, only to be propositioned to a game of chance. Despite winning the game, Siad is quickly and mercilessly overpowered by the Starbarians' brute strength (including having his left arm amputated), and after Hogstrong unties Bustilda, they leave the defeated snake wizard behind.

When they return Bustilda home, a grateful king thanks Killgar and Hogstrong profusely, wishing to grant them one of three rewards consisting of copious amounts of either weapons, alcohol, or money. After a quick discussion among themselves, the Starbarians state they'll take all of it, along with Princess Bustilda herself, much to the king's bewilderment. At a loss for words, Killgar asks the king to a game of chance, echoing Siad's earlier proposal.

The scene cuts to a naked Killgar wiping his bloody sword aboard their spaceship; Hogstrong is also naked, and the ship is filled with the weapons, ale, and money the king mentioned previously. Bustilda is tied up once again, and it is implied that they simply killed the king after winning the game and escaped with all of their requested rewards. Satisfied, Hogstrong ponders where they will go next; after Siad's dice fail to clarify the situation, Hogstrong asks Killgar what they should do.

Killgar: "I dunno. Go look for more boobs and monsters, I guess!"
Hogstrong: "Fuck yes!"
— Killgar and Hogstrong decide on a course of action.

They fly off further into space, leaving the viewer with a familiar message: the Starbarians will return.

Transcript Edit

Scene 1 Edit

Narrator: During their ongoing mission, the brave Starbarians have stopped over on planet Galeron V to rescue the kidnapped Princess Bustilda from the evil snake wizard Siad, who can bend the very fates to his own evil will.

Hogstrong: Alright Siad, hand over the princess.

Killgar: Or we'll bend your very cock up your own evil ass.

Hogstrong: Nice, Killgar...

Siad: Ah, the famous Starbarians; incorruptible champions of the cosmos. I will do as you say granted you defeat me in a small game of chance. What do you say?

Killgar: Hmm...

Siad: That's not fair, I won!

Hogstrong: Keep stabbing Killgar - make his blood bleed! Aww, that sick bastard! Let's get you outta this thing. We're done here!

Siad: You will regret your actions, Starbarians! For when the fourth moon of Galeron V eclipses the Blood Sun of Vargon, I shall be stronger than– Argh! Fuck! No! Oh! Argh! Oh Christ!

Hogstrong: That's it, Killgar, it can bend all the way up there if you really want it.

Bustilda: Oh, that poor man.

Scene 2 Edit

King: Killgar of Killgaria and Hogstrong LeStrong, for besting the evil snake wizard Siad in a battle of the minds, you have earned my people's trust, and for bringing back my dear princess and saving her from certain molesty-sexy-gross-type stuff, you've earned my love.

Killgar: Urgh, gay...

King: Take anything you desire from my kingdom, be it arms, ale, all the gold you can eat - name your prize.

Hogstrong: We'll take all of it.

Killgar: And throw in the princess too!

King: What!? That's preposterous, I mean, come on, why-why-why, I-I-I–

Killgar: What if we could defeat you in a small game of chance?

Scene 3 Edit

Killgar: Man, was he a sore loser. We're getting real good at these games of chance, huh Hogstrong?

Hogstrong: Where to next, Killgar?

Killgar: Why don't we let fate decide?

Hogstrong: Uhh... okay, now what?

Killgar: I dunno. Go look for more boobs and monsters, I guess!

Hogstrong: Fuck yes!

Video descriptions Edit

Can Killgar and Hogstrong use all of their cunning to defeat the snake wizard Siad and save the sophisticated Princess Bustilda? Find out in this adventure![2]
The Starbarians have landed.[1]

Differences from the teaser Edit

See also: Teaser
  • The Starbarians logo has been slightly redesigned.
  • Hogstrong has a higher voice, while Killgar's voice has been lowered.
  • The Starbarians' spaceship has had a redesign since its last appearance in the teaser; although it retains its similar metallic finish, it now resembles a dinosaur/monster with breasts - an embodiment and combination of the Starbarians' simple desires.

Reception Edit

As of 2 March 2013, "The Starbarians' Die" has over 1,150,000 views and 36,890 "likes" to 470 "dislikes" on YouTube[1] and over 400,000 views and an average rating of 4.43/5 stars on Newgrounds.[2]

Rob Bricken of ToplessRobot said of it, "If you watch only one cartoon about a group of psychotic space barbarians flying through the galaxy in a rocketship shaped like a dinosaur with massive breasts, I would highly recommend you make it this one, animated by Harry Partridge of Saturday Morning Watchmen fame".[3]

Similarly, Jeremy R! Hudson of NerdBastards said of the episode, "Just this morning I was thinking that there really isn’t enough cartoons about ultra-violent sociopaths racing around the universes in a spaceship shaped like a T-Rex (with boobs) searching for monsters and boobs and stuff. As luck would have it, [...] Harry Partridge has released The Starbarians: Episode 1 “The Starbarians Die“. The boobs are bulbous, the violence gratuitous, and the language is explicit."[4]

Phasmatis of Phasmatis's Haunt had assumed that the teaser released beforehand was "a promo for [...] a fake show featuring space barbarians, boobs, and Sci-fi/space stuff" but was happy to see that Harry had taken the promo "one step further" by turning it into an actual show: "Not only does it succeed in delivering the usual Harry Partidge [sic] brand humor but it also doesn’t continue the same old ill conceived adventure stereotypes, which only makes the Episode 1 all the more hilarious".[5]

Goofs Edit

Siad hand error

Siad's hand is drawn incorrectly in the episode.

  • When approaching the Starbarians, Siad's hand is in an impossible position (with the thumb being on the wrong side of the hand); Harry Partridge identified and acknowledged the drawing error in a tweet in 2017.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • The title refers to Siad's two dice, which the Starbarians acquire after defeating him.
  • Just under a year before its release, Harry Partridge tweeted a screenshot of the line art of the "arms" scene (the first reward the king tempts the Starbarians with), sarcastically stating that his colourist, Joyce Oder (NGsucho), would love him for it.[7][8]
  • The final message that appears at the end of the credits, "the Starbarians will return", also appeared at the end of the credits of the teaser.[9]

Gallery Edit

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Video Edit

Starbarians (Episode 1)

Starbarians (Episode 1)

Starbarians episode 1: "The Starbarians' Die"

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